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Did you know that Google estimated the total number of books in the world to be around Books open up windows for the soul, and a book lover is sure to peek through.Even if you never really pick up their books yourself, you'll definitely be better informed about the world than before.She/he will always know how to coax your stories out of you.As some of you will probably already be aware of, I recently got engaged.

These dates are perfect for us because we are both such extreme extroverts ourselves. If you’re looking for a significant other, you might want to tap into the literary world.Those in a relationship with a bookworm right now can surely attest to how great we are.Or we saw the trailer, which has made us want to read the book... My husband, on the other hand, would rather do anything else instead of reading!Let's face it, they spend hours together pouring themselves over books, patiently waiting for stories to unfold.


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