Dating a pothead problems christiandatingexpert com

However, dating someone who smokes cannabis is not the same as dating someone who doesn’t.

One has to wonder, what is it like to date a stoner?

Apparently, an angel had formed in the clouds and had spoken to her.

She then told me, at length, about the “new” ideas she was having concerning marijuana and spirituality.

We both got really high and went to the opera for my birthday, which seemed like a great idea — until it wasn’t. It’s snowing onstage and you don’t know why everyone is singing in tongues, and all these fancily dressed people are glaring at you. When she smoked, she’d either be next to normal or high out of her head.

Like any normal person, they create friendships and relationships.So I know there is probably a ton of stories posted here like mine, but I have actually found a lot of support online while looking for similar stories. I pictured myself with this man for the rest of my life.We had that chemistry, that click, where everything just seemed right.This can be a good thing, smoking pot does relieve stress. Some say that smoking weed makes your relationship stronger because you’re more calm, cool and collected. Because of this, they can carry on a pretty good conversation.They have open minds and can talk for hours about anything.” before I headed over, just to know what I was expecting. I’m strawberry soymilk”), I’d know she was really baked.


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