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Raudive took his cue from Jorgenson, and brought academic credentials to the field, having studied with Jung and taught at Sweden's University of Uppsala (yes, the namesake of WFMU's former owner). Sutton There exists in the UK a society that investigates the communication of spirits through electronic means: the spirit voices are captured on magnetic tape or digital recorder.

Soulless is a word that initially comes to mind when you first encounter the city of Luxembourg.

With a population of just 110,000, it is primarily made up of non-natives (about 67% of the population) who move here to work, constituting a largely transient population, on their career trajectories.

The EVP & Transcommunication Society headed by former Psychic World Deputy Editor Judith Chisholm was formed in the early 1990's after she had received and recorded verbal messages from another dimension.

In her excellent book: 'Voices From Paradise: How The Dead Speak To Us' Judith details how, in despair at the premature death of her son Paul, she set out to discover if he was alive in spirit in another world.


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