Mysql slave state invalidating

For example, the position is 999 and I want to analyze the previous five events. Q: We are having issues with inconsistencies over time.

We also have a lot of “waiting for table lock” statuses during high volume usage.

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For example, the execution of a large row-by-row delete event is not immediately identifiable as the replication SQL thread state for most of its duration stays as "Reading event from the relay log".It appears that the first Profile came from a machine where the identical query had already been stored in the Query Cache.Hence, the query took only a fraction of a millisecond to simply deliver the old resultset to the client. the query plans before starting the slave and after stopping it are identical.In most cases, system bottlenecks arise from these sources: storage engine, My SQL uses extremely fast table locking that allows multiple readers or a single writer.The biggest problem with this storage engine occurs when you have a steady stream of mixed updates and slow selects on a single table.Apache, Apache Subversion, and the Apache feather logo are trademarks of The Apache Software Foundation.


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