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Debra was used to dating rich, good-looking guys before meeting Ray, whom she met while he was delivering a futon to her apartment.At the time, Debra was doing PR work for the NHL hockey team the New York Rangers.She constantly butts heads with her mother-in-law Marie. In the episode (Bad Moon Rising), it is revealed that Debra has Premenstrual syndrome which explains her irritable and over-emotional behavior. Not much is known about her childhood, other than the fact that she was raised properly and she grew up in an upper-class family, something that once prompts Marie to pressure her into admitting to the Barones that she thinks she is better than them and that she's spoiled.Her parents are Warren and Lois, and she has a sister, Jennifer, who became a nun.Since Raymond ended, Garrett has done a handful of things like hosting a celebrity roast of Cheech and Chong, play in the World Series of Poker, and starred in 7-Up commercials.It's unknown if he's still dating this woman, but, if not, he's probably keeping busy all on his own!"Whether working professionally or with her many charities, or just nurturing and mentoring a green young comic trying to make it as an actor, she did everything with such a grand love for life and people and I will miss her dearly." Heaton took to Twitter to express her grief over the death of Roberts, with whom she shared the screen on both . "She was funny and tough and loved life, living it to the fullest.Nothing gave her greater joy than her three wonderful grandchildren, of whom she was so proud.

Everybody Loves Raymond is just one of those shows you can't get enough of. Great for the family and kids and never yields to disappoint.

Father Hubley says he has known the Barone family, and is introduced to Debra, during the period when Ray & Debra first started dating.

But in Everybody Loves Raymond: The Wedding: Part 2, Debra introduces Father Hubley to Ray for the first time, when they go to get premarital counseling from him.

Heaton has three sisters, Sharon, Alice, and Frances, and one brother, Michael, who is the "Minister of Culture" columnist for The Plain Dealer and a writer for the paper's Friday Magazine. Heaton made her first Broadway appearance in the chorus of Don't Get God Started (1987), after which she and fellow students created Stage Three, an Off-Broadway acting troupe.

While attending Ohio State University, she became a sister of Delta Gamma Sorority. When Stage Three brought one of their productions to Los Angeles, Heaton caught the eye of a casting director for the ABC drama Thirtysomething.


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