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thing about being a private investigator, you’ve got to learn to go with your hunches. ”“That’s what it says on my license,” I owned up.“You’ve got to help me. I pushed a glass across the desk top and a bottle of rye I keep handy for nonmedicinal purposes.

That’s why when a quivering pat of butter named Word Babcock walked into my office and laid his cards on the table, I should have trusted the cold chill that shot up my spine.“Kaiser? “Suppose you relax and tell me all about it.”“You .

They usually work and you wouldn’t be ashamed to tell your kids it’s what you used to meet their mother.

The Bad: They might be a bit deceptive or corny, but at least you’re giving it the old college try.

Dead Island developer Techland has apologised for a line of code that referred to a skill called "Feminist Whore".

The controversially named ability - "Feminist Whore Purna" - was found within the Data0.pak\Data\default_player_file by Steam forum goers.

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The Good: The following lines are bartender approved. But one of the most painful parts of the job is witnessing gag-inducing come-ons night after night. I spoke with more than 30 bartenders in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens, to find out what kind of game New York guys have.After extensive research, I discovered that pick-up lines come in three categories: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.With no Miss Manners for our ever-more interconnected world, let’s analyze some professional situations. In the case of this blog, a post called “Sexy Secrets When Doing It Solo” would probably attract a lot of traffic from Google.More targeted traffic, and probably buckets of comments, would be generated from a post on “Why You Should Never Hire a PR Agency” (after all, the content could always include a caveat that yes, sometimes, agencies are the way to go).Many espouse being divisive and polarizing as a way to break through the clutter and succeed.


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