Wwe superstars dating real life

Here’s a list of our favorite real-life wrestling couples that are still going strong today.In what some might consider an incredibly unlikely pairing, during his initial run in WWE, Brock Lesnar grew attached to the Diva known as Sable, who was back in WWE after having been the subject of a million lawsuit against the company for sexual harrassment and discrimination.John Cena won the tag team match against The Miz and Maryse and took the opportunity to ask Nikki Bella to marry him.As earlier reported by , John Cena and Nikki Bella’s love story has remained quite a rollercoaster ride for both of them.Cody, of course, was one of WWE’s top prospects for most of his run, doing his family line proud even when WWE gave him a string of ridiculously horrible gimmicks.

Even with all that working against the idea of true love, there have been men and women who have found each other, and against all odds, ended up living happily ever after together (well, so far, at least).Despite the fact that she was nearly ten years his senior, Sable and Lesnar hit it off, and after a couple of years of on-again, off-again engagement, were married in 2006.While Lesnar has remained very much in the public eye, beteween his run in UFC and his much-publicized return to WWE, Sable has remained firmly in the background, raising their children (two of their own, plus 5 from their respective former relationships).Their dedication to keeping their personal life private appears to have been a formula for a successful marriage, as they have stayed together for over a decade at this point.2 The son of the son of a plumber and his lovely wife are perhaps one of the more low-key couples in wrestling, which is impressive, given Cody’s most recent gimmick involved him dressing in a bodysuit and makeup as a mysterious being from beyond the stars.If you’ve been engrossed by the spandex and drama of Netflix’s GLOW, you might have had your interest piqued in the world of wrestling. WWE – Vince Mc Mahon’s globe-straddling "sports entertainment" giant – continues to rule the roost, but a lot has changed since you watched it as a kid, including its burgeoning women’s division.


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